Human Passage

It is the route on which you walk along, you live and leave behind… your colours and your years… they follow your look and they listen to your laughter, silently and noisily, they adore the energy you release as a human being.
And in this particular moment the artist appears both as an observer as well as a creator. The artist imprints your footprints upon the canvas attached to stretchers and captures your memories, all these deep marks of your nourishment which gaze as beacons at the uniqueness of your existence.

As abandoned shadows, objects of matter or transparent, prismatic seas which cannot fade away, cannot be erased, cannot forget because they become Art. A kind of Art which functions as reference to the eternal and clear.
In the artwork of Gilda Frumkin, humans are present through their passage. We encounter oars, buoys or ship cordage dropped as heavy chains which in total travel enchanted into their supernatural realism. Occasionally, the artistic touch possesses an impressionistic expression whereas at times it distorts its realism and becomes an abstraction, an environment of visual arts where the symbolism of image is introduced to the expressionism of emotions and together they give birth to a unique existential condition which in combination with the lyricism and the artistic sensitivity highlight the value of the route…
A route on which for once more a human has walked along… and has lived… and has left behind…”

Nikolena Kalaitzaki
Art Historian/Curator

Art in all its forms is a calling; its purpose, to touch and to connect human souls with invisible lines, to feel life’s thinnest shades. To trigger man’s most sensible chords. So, in our hard and fast reality, the artist must reject confinement and in response communicate with quality and fantasy; challenge the viewers to a journey of inspiration and sensation, which is now needed more than ever. I was born and raised near and “with” the sea. Disassociating from it seems unimaginable. I am enchanted and have an urge to observe and portray nature acting on man.

“Human Passage”, is a period initiated in 2004, which is to continue; expressing nothing more than love for humans and their emotions. In it, objects, once used, loved and linked with man, now totally forgotten and discarded, taken as reasons to remember forgotten feelings and yearning pictures.

―Gilda Frumkin



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